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A Vision

This area…It’s dark and vast,
Standing on a raft
A midst the ocean,
Beneath a star lit sky,
Can anyone hear me?
No one responds.

A window to the universe
Reveals its self before me,
A chill runs down my spine
As all that exists intertwines,
Into a decorative web,
Within, much is hidden,
That we will never comprehend

Stars and planets
Oceans and Land
As brightened souls
Guide my way.

To a place, for a second
It all becomes clear.
A whispering voice
Fills my heart with fear,
Revealing what’s been forgotten,
Through a vision of my mind.

Kings, Titans and Rulers of men
Crumble to tumultuous waves
That continue their destruction
Of all that is worshiped.
The world is set in a fiery blaze
In glorious redemption.

All that is left
On the tired Earth,
Cannot be held,
It cannot be seen,
A simple energy
Free from pain.

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